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Remotely Connecting to your FritzBox using Jitsi

September 9th, 2015 by ‐ No Comments

telephone pictogramThere are many complaints about VoIP service being offered to you as the primary voice service by your telco. It usually means that the Ethernet hub on the DSL router becomes the handover point (i.e. you don’t fully control your router), the service availability is often only 98.9% (i.e. 4 days of no service per year) or even worse. For ye olde analogue phone, the usual service availability was 99.99% (53 minutes of no service per year). But, there is one clear advantage: you can install a SIP softphone and register your laptop or smartphone as a phone and place and receive calls via your home phone wherever you have WiFi or mobile data service. I have a FritzBox 7360 from my ISP glowing along, and hence the instructions how to set this up are for this model. If you have another FritzBox model with telephony function, the setup will be quite similar. For any other DSL router makes, you’ll have to check out the instructions for your device to find the corresponding settings. Without further ado, here are the instructions.  (more…)

Guess who got the big hand?

June 13th, 2013 by ‐ No Comments

Apple WWDC logoThe coverage on this year’s WWDC keynote was as hyped as every year. Here are some links to comments we found interesting, and our own two cents.

And who did of course get the big hand? Sir Jony Ive sitting on the front row and bursting with pride over his iOS 7 relaunch design. (more…)

Why We Didn’t See the iPhone 5 (Yet)

October 8th, 2011 by ‐ No Comments

Photo (c) 2011 by Apple, Inc.

Disappointment raged high after Tim Cook unveiled the iPhone 4S earlier this week. I think Tim did a good job running the show, and we should not be disappointed about the new phone. According to my analysis, there are two reasons why the 4S was announced and not the 5 model: