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Reclaim Your Contacts, Calendars, and Tasks

June 6th, 2016 by ‐ No Comments

Baikal LogoMany people entrust their data (emails, contacts, calendars, todos) to service providers like Google, Yahoo!, Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s Office 365, and many others. There are also a considerable number of services which “hide” behind an app. Install it, and the first thing you’re force to do is to “sign in with your X account”, where “X” is the name of the app or company. All these options are utterly convenient because most of them are free, and easy to set up. The downsides are equally obvious: (more…)

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts – For Email

July 22nd, 2011 by ‐ No Comments

There are many heated debates about fonts. Full stop. Not all of them deserve as much being hated as Comic Sans. Notice the personal pref here? 😉

Anyway I don’t want to enter this minefield but instead try to make our communicative lives easier. Everybody has received email messages that use stationery with a six point font, right? I love that, too. Why do people do that? I guess because they can… (more…)