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Our New Email Setup

In the previous post of this little email series, I have been bragging about configurability, and the associated learning curve. A prime example are Emacs and its Org mode, both of which I use. At the outset, when I start using a new tool, I am tempted to search the Interwebs for insight how power users make use of it. If you search for Emacs and Org mode setups, you will be swamped. Github bursts with “my emacs config” repositories, and Org mode is second to that by a small margin only. Hence, this description takes a “guided tour” approach, leaving room for your own considerations and choices of how to use email.


Why We Need to Rethink Email, and How

We all know, email can be a pain. And – let’s be honest – more often than not, it is a pain; big time. I am not talking about the sheer volume, although that would warrant a series of posts of its own. The aspect I’d like to focus on in this post, is how email clients have grown convoluted over time, how this has shaped our mental model of email, and how it is hampering our productivity. Effectively, it seems to me as if we were caught in the 1990s when it comes to email. Not only in terms of productivity, but also in terms of security, as the scam (also see my previous post) has shown.


The Efail Scam: What You Should Do as a User of Apple’s

June 4th, 2018 by
Apple Mail Icon

You have probably heard of the recent hype about OpenPGP/GnuPG/etc. and S/MIME having been compromised. Actually, that’s not true. What has been discovered, is that the ways that many email apps make use of OpenPGP and S/MIME are vulnerable to exploits. Make no mistake: the OpenPGP and S/MIME encryption schemes and tools themselves are still safe to use. It’s the mail clients that are to blame.  Here is what you can do to minimise your attack surface as a user of Apple’s


ComposeIT 2.0.0 is here!

ComposeITLogoWe are happy to announce version 2.0.0 of our plugin ComposeIT. We have designed a beautiful, flat style, new logo, we have upgraded to a full UI installer, and we have overhauled the preference pane UI. Installing will now be really easy, and you will find all settings gathered in one place. ComposeIT is now easier to install and easier to configure that ever. But no worries, we have preserved all the other greatness. Just install this over any previous version and enjoy the fresh, new look and feel. Get it directly fron the download page.