Convergence Presentations Available

Alexander Adolf gives a pitch

Photo (c) 2011 by Fraunhofer FOKUS

The photo shows Condition-ALPHA’s Alexander Adolf giving a pitch at the Fraunhofer FOKUS Media Web Symposium 2011 in Berlin. He is making a case for metadata to be inter-linked and machine-understandable to enable broadcast and broadband technology convergence.

Many different names have been given to such a linked metadata architecture, but we believe that Hyperdata is the best name. Linked Open Data today only means that people are publishing their data models; and it might trigger associations to Open Data (without the link) which implies claims that certain data should be freely and publicly available. The term Semantic Web on the other hand would come with the right implications, but has suffered quite a couple of statements of disappointment due to it’s slow uptake. The slide deck is available from the downloads page.
The other presentation that we are making available for download today, is the slide deck we presented at the DVB World 2011 conference in Nice back in February. It also deals with technology convergence issues, but this time with the transport of audiovisual content over the Internet, the associated business model issues. Of course this discussion also touches on the net neutrality issue. We also propose a solution to this that provides for a “fair share for everyone” policy instead of a “don’t touch my packets” policy. We also believe BTW, that the latter does not do good service to the goals of the movement promoting it. Please see our associated white paper for details.