We’re Joining FOBTV

FOBTV logoWe’re excited to announce that we have joined the FOBTV Initiative. FOBTV spells out to “Future of Broadcast Television” and it is a non-profit organisation to help bring about a global, terrestrial broadcast standard.

The first paragraph of the Memorandum of Understanding sums up the motivation quite nicely:

Considering […] that from monochrome to colour, and from analogue to digital, television technology has undergone revolutionary changes. In the analogue age, colour television technology fragmented into three major systems (PAL, NTSC and SECAM, with many sub-variations). In the digital age, the splintering has continued across the globe with multiple, separately developed digital systems. While television has prospered, it has not been possible for the world to take full advantage of the convenience and economies of scale of a single broadcast standard.

So true. And for the separately developed digital systems, one might even feel tempted to add “deliberately incompatible”. So we decided we should support the cause of the initiative and try to help our industry not repeat the errors of the past.


As you can see in the picture above, and when you consult their membership page, all the big wigs are there, and across the four classical standardisation domains of Europe, USA, China, and Japan. Our logo should show up there soon, too. So we think this has the potential to bring about a global harmonisation, helping all market players leverage on the economies of scale. Instead of four different digital systems (which was already an improvement over the dozens of analogue systems), manufacturers may only have to implement a single system eventually.

So we’re excited and optimistically looking forward to helping bringing about The global DTV standard. Joining is free, and there’s no membership fee. If you, too would like to see this happen, don’t hesitate to check out the instructions for joining on FOBTV’s membership page. Looking forward to welcoming you on board!