Coming Soon: ComposeIT Plug-In for Apple’s

ComposeIT Original Artwork
(c) 2012 Condition-ALPHA

We wanted to make using email just that much easier and more convenient and help you be more productive. So we put together a few small enhancements to Apple’s that will make emailing in style just so much easier. We are thus pretty excited to announce that ComposeIT the plug-in for Apple’s that we have been working on, is making its turn onto the final straight. We are currently launching the Beta test phase, and hope to release it before the end of the year. Oh, and yes, of course it will be free for you to use. 

ComposeIT enhances’s functionality for composing new mails and for responding to mails in two areas:

Working with text snippets is easy and awesome: in the preferences pane, configure the hot-key (default is Shift-RET) to invoke the expansion magic, and create a series of shorthands and expanded texts. Lets say you chose “txbr” for the shorthand, and “thanks a lot and best regards” for the expansion. Compose a new mail, or respond to one, type “txbr”, and hit Shift-RET. Voilá, it magically expands to your phrase. But sometimes you may want to be more personal and say “Dear John,” instead of “Dear Correspondent,”. ComposeIT helps you with that, too by giving you an insertion point marker (default is “<|>”) which controls where in your phrase the insertion point will be positioned after the expansion. If you have defined “Dear <|>,” as a text snippet, the string “<|>” is removed, and the cursor is positioned before the comma. Say the shorthand for this snippet is “d”, you would simply type “d Shift-RET John” to get “Dear John,”. Now you can fire off that “thanks for letting me know” message just so quickly.

Similarly, smart quote editing helps you trim down those parts of the quoted text you are not making reference to. For the sake of clarity we should always mark where we have deleted parts of the quoted text by some kind of ellipsis marker. Many people use “[…]”. To make this a no-brainer, we have enhanced so that when any quoted text is selected, and you hit Backspace or Delete, it will be removed and replaced with an ellipsis indicator you configured (default is “[…]”).

Stay tuned for more news!