ComposeIT End-of-Life Announcement

ComposeITLogoWe haven’t been updating our ComposeIT plugin for the mail app that ships with macOS for a while now. Consequently, if you had upgraded to a recent version of macOS, you were unfortunately no longer able to use it.

This is due to two reasons. First, Apple have again drastically changed the interface between their mail app and its plugins. Updating ComposeIT to the new interface would have implied substantial work. Secondly, we are no longer using Apple’s mail app for email. In combination, it would have meant investing substantial work into something that we neither use ourselves, nor receive any compensation for.

It therefore with great regret, that we have to announce the end-of-life of our ComposeIT plugin with immediate effect. ComposeIT downloads have been removed from the website already. The ComposeIT manual will remain to be available through December 31st, for those users who still run an older macOS version, and are thus still able to use ComposeIT. If you would need the manual to be available longer than that, please drop us a note.

We would like to thank all users of ComposeIT for their enthusiasm, and the appreciation you rewarded us with!

If you feel enthusiastic and code-savvy enough to launch ComposeIT as an open source project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In the right framework, we might be inclined to donate the source code.

Finally, you might be wondering how we do email now. I’m preparing a wider post on the whys and hows, but I can already share that the new system is built around notmuch. So stay tuned!