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New White Paper on TV Digitalisation in India

We are happy to announce that our latest white paper is now available for download . Condition-ALPHA’s Alexander Adolf takes a look at the e-waste impact of TV digitalisation in India. With 60 million TV homes converted, and another 60 million to go, any choice of direction India will be taking will have a huge impact on how many TV sets and set-top boxes will become obsolete as the digital TV market matures. All those discarded devices, will hit an e-waste recycling sector in India which ist far from prepared to accept anything near these quantities. It will hence be crucial to minimise the amount e-waste resulting from TM digitalisation that ends up in landfills or in the informal recycling sector. Get the white paper from our publications page (scroll all the way to the bottom, or use the “white papers” link at the top left).

ComposeIT 2.0.0 is here!

ComposeITLogoWe are happy to announce version 2.0.0 of our plugin ComposeIT. We have designed a beautiful, flat style, new logo, we have upgraded to a full UI installer, and we have overhauled the preference pane UI. Installing will now be really easy, and you will find all settings gathered in one place. ComposeIT is now easier to install and easier to configure that ever. But no worries, we have preserved all the other greatness. Just install this over any previous version and enjoy the fresh, new look and feel. Get it directly fron the download page.

XMLCatalogBuilder is here!

catalogIf you’re like us, working a lot with XML files which follow XML Schema definitions from 3rd parties, you will often have cursed people publishing libraries of XML Schema definitions. Most people decide to simply include everything that their schemas <import> or otherwise reference in their package. Hence, now you have several copies of everything floating around your hard-drive. There is no one, true way of publishing XML Schema packages however, but there is one, true way how to use them: XML Catalog(more…)